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International Journal of Knowledge Processing Studies

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Int. J. Knowl. Process. Stud.

Start Publication: December 2021

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The International Journal of Knowledge Processing Studies (IJKPS) is an academic, peer-reviewed, open-access, and scientific-research journal published quarterly that is being published by Ayande Amoozan -e- ATA (AAA) in collaboration with Iran Knowledge Management Association (IKMA). IJKPS publishes original and state-of-the-art research in knowledge and information processing and management concerning theory, methods, or applications in a range of domains, including knowledge extraction, knowledge-based systems, data and information processing, data mining, big data, data-driven decision making, ontologies, knowledge engineering, human decision simulation, process-oriented knowledge management, knowledge systems interoperability, sharing and application of knowledge, artificial agents, data engineering, knowledge discovery, data visualization, human-computer interaction, social media analysis, and social computing. We are calling for papers in all the above disciplines for the coming issues.

Journal Information:

  • The International Journal of Knowledge Processing Studies (IJKPS) collaborates with the Iran Knowledge Management Association (IKMA).
  • The flow chart of the article reviewing and acceptance process is described in the Peer Review Process.
  • Rank in 2021 in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran: B
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): All intellectual property rights of the articles belong to the author.
  • This publication is subject to the rules of the Ethics Committee for Publication (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and Combating Fraud in Scientific Works.
  • Type of publishable articles: Scientific-research articles
  • Release Sequence: Quarterly
  • Average article review time: 8-10 weeks
  • Plagiarism: iThenticate is used to prevent plagiarism.
  • Access to articles: Free
  • If the article has a sponsor or provider of research credibility, it is mandatory to be included by the author.
  • Country of Publication: Iran
  • Publisher: Ayande Amoozan -e-ATA Company
  • Specialty: information science, computer science, industrial engineering, and related areas.
  • Release Start: Winter, 2021
  • Article review and acceptance fee: Free
  • Type of review: double-blind, and peer-reviewed (2 reviewers)
  • Publish Fee: Iranian authors (15.000.000 Rials)
  • Initial review period: one week
  • Format: Electronic
  • Electronic ISSN: 2783-4611
  • Email: knowlegeprocessingstudies2020[AT]gmail. com.

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Designing and Explaining a Model for Organizational Ambidexterity with a Knowledge Commercialization Approach

Mitra Mottaghi; Mohammad Reza Dalvi; Alireza Shirvani

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 1-12


  This research aims to explain the organizational ambidexterity model in Saderat Bank of Iran and its dimensions. Ambidexterity refers to the ability to succeed in two contradictory abilities at the same time, for example, ambidexterity such as exploiting current opportunities and discovering and ...  Read More

Improving Organizational Efficiency in Iran's Administrative System Based on Knowledge-Based Human Resource Management

Seyed Fazel Zamani; Mashallah Valikhani; Alireza Shirvani

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 13-24


  This research aimed to improve organizational efficiency in Iran's administrative system based on knowledge-based human resource management. The research was conducted using mixed methods. The grounded theory was used in the qualitative part, and in the quantitative part, the structural equation model ...  Read More

Identifying Effective Factors in Customer Knowledge Acquisition in Digital Content Marketing: A Meta- Synthesis

Seyed Mehdi Vahabi; Azam Rahiminik; Seyed Abbas Heydari

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 25-51


  Digital content marketing is an example of new communication and online approaches that is expanding and penetrating among its users. This type of marketing is a process to create high-quality and valuable content to guide customers and introduce your brand and attract customers. The current research ...  Read More

Knowledge Acquisition in Market by Customer-Seller Interaction Model based on Accepting Seller's Misbehavior by Customer (Case Study: Gold and Jewelry Industry of Iran)

Hamidreza Fatahi; Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hosseini

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 51-65


  This research aims to design a model of customer-seller interactions on knowledge acquisition about the acceptance of misbehavior by customers. The current study is an applied-developmental study in terms of its purpose, and it is cross-sectional survey research in terms of the method and data collection. ...  Read More

Organizing Information and Planning for the Health Benefactors' Participation

Mohammadreza Erfani; Shaghayegh Vahdat; Mohammad Bazyar

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 65-75


  This research aims to investigate managing information and planning for the participation of health charities. With the Covid-19 outbreak, it was important to use information systems to optimize health management. The correct processing of information is the basis for better use of health charities’ ...  Read More

Designing an Electronic Supply Chain Management Model to Achieve a World-Class Home Appliance Industry

Narges Akbari Jarnoush; Hasan Farsijani; Soheila Sardar

Volume 3, Issue 1 , October 2022, Pages 75-90


  This study aims to design an electronic supply chain management model to achieve a world-class home appliance industry. This is a mixed methods research and developmental applicative in terms of its purpose. To provide the theoretical foundations, articles, books, and reliable sources available to the ...  Read More

Knowledge management
Impact of Internet of Things Governance on Productivity in Agriculture Sector with AI-aided Agriculture Knowledge Managers

Mila Malekolkalami; Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2021, , Pages 1-23


  The use of IoT in intelligent agriculture is now very common among farmers, and with the use of drones and sensors, advanced agriculture is rapidly becoming a growing global standard. The use of IoT requires infrastructure that is defined within an IoT governance framework. This paper proposes new approaches ...  Read More

Knowledge Extraction
The Assessment of the Effect of Query Expansion on Improving the Performance of Scientific Texts Retrieval in Persian

Ahmadreza Varnaseri; Maryam Nakhoda; Sareh Karimi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2021, , Pages 39-51


  Purpose: This study aims to determine the effect of query expansion on scientific texts retrieval in Persian.Method: The present study was conducted using a quasi-experimental method. The results are obtained by analyzing 40 initial and expanded queries of postgraduate students in the Faculty of Management, ...  Read More

A Knowledge Map of Knowledge Engineering Scientific Products from 2011 to 2021 on Web of Science: Scientometrics

AhmadReza Varnaseri; Mahnaz Tayfhsan; Molouk Sadadat Hosseini Beheshti

Volume 2, Issue 1 , February 2022, , Pages 55-73


  Drawing a knowledge map of scientific productivity in the field of knowledge engineering in the 2011-2021 period on Web of Science. This was an applied descriptive-analytical study using a quantitative research design. The research population consisted of all scientific products in the field of knowledge ...  Read More

Proposing a Knowledge Organization Model for Iranian Website Content Based on Existing Metadata Frameworks

Seyedeh Sara Moosavi; Sepideh Ciruskabiri; Ahmadreza Varnaseri

Volume 2, Issue 3 , June 2022, , Pages 47-57


  This study aims to create an integrated metadata system to organize information and content knowledge of Iranian websites to protect, represent, access, retrieve and provide a suitable metadata model for archiving such resources in the country. This applied research was done by a documentary (library) ...  Read More

The Impact of Knowledge and Job Success of Iranian Employees Based on Self-Esteem and Organizational Stress (Case Study of the Ministry of Sports)

Mohammad saeid Kiani; Leila Nazari; Leila Shahbazpour

Volume 2, Issue 4 , September 2022, , Pages 1-11


  This study aimed to assess the mediating role of flattery in the relationship between self-esteem and stress and job success from the point of view of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Experts. It is applied research in terms of classifying research by purpose, it is descriptive-non-experimental in terms ...  Read More

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