Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


1 PhD candidate of Knowledge and Information Science-Knowledge Management, Tehran University, Iran

2 PhD candidate of Knowledge and Information Science-Knowledge Management, Tarbiat Modares, Tehran, Iran


Purpose: This article has been prepared and compiled with the aim of identifying and determining the application of knowledge management criteria in the portals of eight science and technology parks in Tehran province.
Method: This research was a descriptive survey. Data were collected based on a checklist based on the model of availability, creation, and transfer of knowledge. The statistical population of this study includes the website of eight science and technology parks in Tehran province.
Results: The level of application of knowledge management criteria on the website of science and technology parks is an unfavorable situation. Among the components of knowledge management, the component of knowledge creation with the lowest average compared to the component of knowledge transfer and availability needs to be fundamentally reviewed.
Conclusion: The results showed that knowledge management criteria in these websites are not used properly. To eliminate this shortcoming and fill the gap in the current situation, the designers of science and technology parks websites should include the knowledge management approach among the main strategies of the park programs under their management.

Keywords: Science and technology parks, knowledge management, portals, knowledge creation


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