We aim to publish articles detailing novel and important work that will challenge the way knowledge management and knowledge processing experts and practitioners think. The journal aims to provide researchers and authors with an appropriate carrier to contribute knowledge in knowledge processing and related topics. We encourage the submission of papers that (i) make significant advances to the field of study in terms of development of knowledge processing theory or methodology and practice; (ii) address questions of general importance and/or current interest; and (iii) generate technical and practical insights that extend beyond the study system utilized. Papers that do not meet these criteria are likely to be deemed inappropriate and returned without review.


The International Journal of Knowledge Processing Studies (IJKPS) publishes original and state of the art research in knowledge and information processing and management concerning theory, methods, or applications in a range of domains, including:

Knowledge extraction,

Knowledge-based systems,

Data and information processing,

Data mining, big data, data-driven decision making, and ontologies,

Knowledge engineering,

Human decision simulation,

Process-oriented knowledge management,

Knowledge systems interoperability, sharing, and application of knowledge,

Artificial agents, data engineering, knowledge discovery, and data visualization,

Human-computer interaction, social media analysis, and social computing.