Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


1 Kwara State University Malate

2 Kwara State College of Education Ilorin Library

3 University of Ilorin, Ilorin Library

4 Law Librarian, University of Ilorin Library


Purpose: This study examined information needs and the use of library resources among academics in Kwara State Polytechnics, Ilorin.
Method: The study identified four (4) research questions. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The population includes the academic staff of Kwara State Polytechnics, Ilorin with a population of 742. However, the Raosoft sample size calculator was used to get the sample size of 254 for the study. A web-based questionnaire was designed using Google form and generated link was shared among the academic staff of the polytechnics. The link was shared on various groups of the academic staff of Kwara State Polytechnics via WhatsApp and Telegram groups. The questionnaire link was shared and responses were collected for two weeks. The total response from the survey is 158 and that was the unit of analysis for the study. The responses collected were automatically analyzed by Google Forms.
Findings: The study found that printed textbooks, hard copy journal materials, newspapers, databases, and library catalogs are the sources of information to lecturers in Kwara State Polytechnics, Ilorin. It was found out that academic and research, information on self-development, personal health information, current affair, and information on the new trend are information needs of lecturers in Kwara State Polytechnics, Ilorin and the study also revealed that newspapers, e-books, e-journals, internet, and printed journal are the information demand and use by lecturers in Kwara State Polytechnics Ilorin.
Conclusion: The study recommends that libraries in higher institutions should be well equipped with current resources to meet the needs of the 21st century of lecturers.