Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


1 PhD candidate of Information Science and Knowledge_ Information Retrieval and Knowledge, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran

2 M.Sc., Scientometrics, University of Tehran

3 Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), Tehran, Iran.


Drawing a knowledge map of scientific productivity in the field of knowledge engineering in the 2011-2021 period on Web of Science. This was an applied descriptive-analytical study using a quantitative research design. The research population consisted of all scientific products in the field of knowledge engineering, which included 7724 documents published in indexed journals on the Web of Science database in the 2011-2021 period. The data were analyzed in Excel. VOSviewer was used for constructing the bibliometric networks of researchers, institutions, and countries, Histcite was used for obtaining information through scientometrics methods, and Gephi was used for obtaining betweenness centrality, degree centrality, and eigenvector centrality. Xu, Yang from Beijing University of Science and Technology had the most collaboration with other researchers by publishing 69 documents in the field of knowledge engineering. Two Chinese universities were ranked in first and second place and two Iranian universities were in third and fourth places.
Studies on Knowledge Engineering began in the US, the UK, Japan, France, and Australia in 2010-2012. Meanwhile, publications in this field have been pursued with more intensity by China, Iran, Spain, and Russia since 2014. The findings indicate that many researchers are working in the field of knowledge engineering, with the Chinese researchers being the most active compared to other countries. Meanwhile, Asian countries seem to be more involved in this field. Furthermore, most of the journals of knowledge engineering were conference journals.


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