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Purpose: This study aimed to identify the best methods of knowledge acquisition in the field of the beekeeping industry (Case study: Beekeeping Development Support Fund).
Method: In this research, after studying documents and libraries, seven experts in the field of beekeeping were interviewed. After that, a questionnaire was developed to collect information. The statistical population of the study was eighteen managers and employees of the beekeeping fund. Due to the small size of the statistical population, a questionnaire was distributed among all the statistical population using the census method.
Findings: The results of the research showed that according to the opinions of 16.9% of the respondents, obtaining knowledge from customers and the resulting feedback is the most important and best method of acquiring knowledge in the beekeeping fund. Acquisition of knowledge through interview and observation tools with 15.7% and acquisition of knowledge through learning (13.5%) were in the next priorities in terms of importance. Also, using the questionnaire method with 1.1% is the least important for gaining knowledge for the beekeeping fund.
Conclusion: In general, the results showed that to succeed in acquiring specialized beekeeping knowledge and then disseminating it to beekeepers in the country, creating CRM (Customer Relationship Management), improving the specialized learning level of managers and employees, providing the possibility for them to participate in virtual classes (webinars). ) And specialized conferences on beekeeping and investing in social networks in the fund to support the development of beekeeping in the country is very necessary.