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Department of Business Administration, DONGHUA UNIVERSITY, Shanghai, China


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to create Brand equity by using social media marketing and the structural equation method. The target society is the users of Telegram and Instagram networks of Samsung mobile phones.
Method: In this research, an unlimited sampling method has been used to collect data from social network questionnaires and Brand equity. Electronic questionnaires were designed to facilitate data collection and access to social network users. After collecting data, the data were analyzed by using LISREL9 and SPSS23 software.
Findings: Based on the results of the research, the dimensions of social networks affect Brand equity. Entertainment, interaction, personalization, and word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) in this study had a direct and significant effect on Brand equity. According to the rankings, in social media marketing, the brand association has the highest rank.
Conclusion: In light of the findings obtained from the study, it could be said that businesses can increase their brand value perception with planned and well-defined social media marketing strategies. With social media marketing, businesses can gain significant advantages in many areas such as brand loyalty, reduced advertising expenses, increased profitability, access to a large consumer audience, and altered brand attitudes toward purchasing behavior.