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Ph.D. Candidate, Knowledge and Information Science, Management and Economic Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Focusing on knowledge sharing and knowledge application is one of the components of knowledge management, which is to reveal the hidden knowledge of individuals and transfer it for use and application to other people. Moving towards knowledge-based in today's world and achieving competitive advantage in organizations, knowledge sharing has emerged as an important category. On the other hand, the application of knowledge is considered one of the main factors of competitive advantage in various enterprises, organizations, and companies. The application of knowledge is the process of knowledge sharing in the production of goods and services and organizational actions to create value. An organization that can institutionalize knowledge in different departments and among its employees and uses the knowledge created and the experiences of its employees properly will be able to maintain or ascend its position in today's developing world.
The present study examines the concepts of knowledge, knowledge sharing, factors affecting sharing, knowledge application, and the relationship between knowledge sharing and application. This article is a library Research Method and descriptive.