Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


1 PhD Student in Educational Management, Marand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Marand, Iran

2 Assistant Professor,Department of Curriculum Planning, ,MarandBranch Islamic Azad University,Marand, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Management, ,MarandBranch Islamic Azad University,Marand Iran


This research aims to process knowledge in educational organizations based on the jihadi management approach. Knowledge is a common subject in management, organization science, and economics, which is given special importance in Jihadi economic and managerial subjects. In the research, a mixed method (quantitative-qualitative) has been used to advance the research objectives. The snowball technique was used for sampling in this research. In total, interviews were conducted with 11 experts in the field of education. In this combined research, the thematic analysis method has been performed. In the following, to fit the proposed model, the confirmatory factor analysis model has been used in AMOS software. The population studied in the quantitative analysis were the managers of the educational centers, and due to the unlimited number of people, 384 people were considered as a sample based on Morgan's table. Based on the findings of this research, 4 central categories were identified in the field of jihadi management, which provided the means for knowledge processing in educational organizations based on the jihadi management approach. From the findings of this research, it is concluded that an important step that must be taken to improve the productivity and performance of managers in organizations is to move from organizational information to knowledge processing; In fact, knowledge is obtained from understanding information, and if we apply our knowledge, skill is obtained, and when we combine our skill with other skills, expertise is obtained, and finally, we have mastered our expertise.