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1 Tarbiat Modares University

2 Facaulty of mangment and economics ,University of Tarbiat Modares,Tehran,IRAN.



The success of organizations depends more on knowledge assets than physical assets. Knowledge management transforms the organization into a knowledge-based organization, thus institutionalizing the importance of knowledge in all the organization's processes. This research investigates the role of knowledge management in improving the performance of the Tehran Municipality. In this way, according to the organizational scale of Tehran municipality, which has organizational levels including line and staff (22 urban areas, affiliated organizations and companies, specialized vice-chancellors) in its strategic and functional areas. Therefore, qualitative data were collected using the available information and documents related to establishing knowledge management and descriptive strategy, Then quantitative data was collected using questionnaire tools and survey strategy. By using the method of thematic analysis, 13 upstream documents of Iran's administrative system and ten management standards and frameworks were reviewed and analyzed for the necessity of implementing knowledge management solutions therefore the infrastructures for establishing knowledge management in the Tehran municipality were identified. Based on the results, the components of upstream documents affecting the establishment of knowledge management in Tehran Municipality are communication, knowledge-based governance, technology, knowledge creation, futurology, culture, human resources, organizational processes, and knowledge processes. Also, knowledge management barriers are divided into eight sections: technological barriers, cultural barriers, management barriers, organizational/structural barriers, human barriers, content barriers, implementation barriers, and legal barriers.


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