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1 Department of Educational Science, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Associate Professor and Director of the National Department of Philosophy of Education, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran.

3 Associate Professor and director of the National Department of Philosophy of Education, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan).



This research aims to analyze the text of Avicenna (Ibn Sina)'s intellectual education and discover functional knowledge. The purpose of text mining in past recorded knowledge is to specify the relationships between existing data and extract knowledge from them. When the existing data are structured, it is easy to use data mining methods and extract knowledge from them Regarding the research topic, the method of this research is text mining analysis, so this research is exploratory. TF-IDF weighting method is used in this research. Considering the high dimensions of the data, which causes the number of features to be much more than the number of vulnerable samples, linear SVM is a more appropriate choice for these tests. Various implementations of this algorithm are available, in this research, Lib Linear SVM, which is one of the most appropriate implementations, has been used. First, conceptual texts of Ibn Sina's thought was analyzed by knowing the contexts of existence, knowledge, man, and values, and then, using concepts and categories, a list of educational requirements was deduced, and finally, models in the construction of cognitive perception and educational model were proposed. It can be said that the expected human being based on the knowledge of Sinai is a person who, using his scientific perspective which is related to his existence, knowledge, and values, can find his proper intellectual education, and happiness resulting from knowledge of the truths of the universe, intellectual knowledge and find the power of thinking and reasoning and reach perfection


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