The International Journal of Knowledge Processing Studies (IJKPS) is an academic, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published quarterly. KPS is a multidisciplinary journal that seeks to receive and disseminate innovative and insightful articles, book reviews, and field reports from information science, computer science, industrial engineering, and related areas. In addition to scientific and research articles, KPS welcomes reviews of books and new technologies related to the journal scope.

IJKPS is being published by Ayande Amoozan-e-ATA in collaboration with the Iran Knowledge Management Association (IKMA). The association professionally coordinates research and scientific collaborations in the field of knowledge management.

The Journal publishes research in English with a commitment to the rules and standards of scientific research. The Journal review is based on working with peers in the field of pure specialization. Research must be refereed and peer-reviewed before being prepared for publication. The Deanship of Scientific Research assigns two (or three) referees to evaluate the research paper, and if the reading needs modifications, the results will be sent back to the author(s) to make the required revision.

The Journal accepts research papers in knowledge processing and related fields such as:

  • Knowledge processing theories and practices
  • Knowledge processing algorithms and methodologies
  • Disciplines related to knowledge processing